Countable [adjective]

Definition of Countable:

able to be computed or estimated

Synonyms of Countable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Countable:

Sentence/Example of Countable:

I don't believe they are really any relation to Lady Myrtle—at least not anything countable.

The lightning came, in one of those broad, sheetlike flickers that seem to irradiate the world for countable seconds.

If I'm to be held 'countable he doesn't live here no longer; I know that much.'

This was not sufficient, because though visible not sufficiently tangible, countable, and tariffable.

Bemebibi, chief of the Lesser Isisi, was too fat a man for a dreamer, for visions run with countable ribs and a cough.

But these were a minority always, generally a very small one, often so small a one as to be countable on the fingers of your hand.

They are countable by the thousand and the million; who have suffered cruel wrong.

While this poor Friedrich-Wilhelm sphere is perhaps still a countable quantity.

My two boys and son-in-law are off with the South, but I'm not 'countable for them.