Counteracted [verb]

Definition of Counteracted:

do opposing action

Synonyms of Counteracted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counteracted:

Sentence/Example of Counteracted:

So, when the glider is going downhill, its lift arrow is tilted a little bit forward and counteracts its drag.

As a result, if the right amount of the boat is submerged, the force of buoyancy is strong enough to counteract gravity pulling the boat down, and the boat floats.

That force counteracts the downward pull of gravity, allowing the toys to float on both sides of the liquid’s surface.

When there’s money on the line you have to counteract any favoritism which can require self-analysis.

One way to counteract groupthink is to encourage voters to embrace the ambiguity of what “most valuable” means.

English influence was all-powerful at Lisbon and the new envoy had not the talent to counteract it.

Of course the cook sought to counteract such tendencies, but he had to be very circumspect, for Sambo resented insults fiercely.

Although it was May, a wood-fire had been lighted in her room to counteract the chilly damp of the evening.

He told me it was to counteract the fever and produce sleep, and said that the only thing then was to keep you quiet.

Julian Langley, not intentionally, perhaps, was continually trying to counteract the good advice which Arthur gave him.