Counteracting [verb]

Definition of Counteracting:

do opposing action

Synonyms of Counteracting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counteracting:

Sentence/Example of Counteracting:

Again and again the snake bites the iguana, and as often the latter has recourse to the counteracting influences of the antidote.

But, returning to western traditions, there is a way of counteracting the elves' transforming magic.

In Egypt, everything which could possibly attract attention or excite jealousy was protected by some counteracting influence.

But man's freedom may succeed in counteracting this order, and the events predicted may not come.

And this purpose was a religious one—that of counteracting the antireligious developments of Science.

Harley and St. John dreaded it as their chief danger, and looked eagerly for some means of counteracting it.

Whether they have any counteracting influence, it is impossible to say.

But when a miracle is asserted, the presence of an adequate counteracting cause is asserted, viz.

Fortunately, however, there was a strong counteracting influence.

I am giving him tonic medicine with the idea of counteracting any evil produced by the sedative dose he takes.