Counterbalanced [verb]

Definition of Counterbalanced:

offset an action

Synonyms of Counterbalanced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counterbalanced:

Sentence/Example of Counterbalanced:

Within the National Church there was a great deal to counterbalance these injurious tendencies and check their growth.

Are not the motives of the incredulous man strong enough to counterbalance his passions?

The cause has been hindered in its action, or another cause has intervened to counterbalance the first.

This was a triumph for Mr. Gladstone of an entirely satisfactory character; but he had sore trials to counterbalance it.

The pommel, usually of steel, is roughly spherical or eight-sided, and serves as a counterbalance.

The ambitious man, the miser and the debauchee carefully avoid speculations too feeble to counterbalance their various passions.

A hole is shown through the impulse roller to counterbalance the reduced weight at the crescent.

The lover, sensible of no disparity but such as a settlement might counterbalance, enlarged his offers.

Rodman yelled, as he threw his weight toward the windward side, in an attempt to counterbalance its power.

The voice of the warriors constituted a counterbalance, or species of second estate.