Countered [verb]

Definition of Countered:

answer, respond in retaliation

Synonyms of Countered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Countered:

Sentence/Example of Countered:

A half-dozen people were already lined up outside the Fauquier Community Food Bank, each clutching a number from a dispenser like the ones sitting on deli counters.

Many noted that the lawyer made a lengthy reference to the 1992 film “My Cousin Vinny” in a long-winded analogy about the distance poll watchers were ordered to keep away from ballot counters.

Other items, such as food, over-the-counter medicines and baby products, are being “fast-tracked through the supply chain and prioritized for restocking,” spokeswoman Jessica Carlson said.

That is, when presented with evidence that advertising doesn’t work as advertised, the advertising executive counters with all the ancillary benefits of advertising.

More than 100,000 new cases and about 1,500 deaths are being recorded nationwide every day, and many states are tightening or implementing new public health measures to counter the virus’s spread.

To counter the slowdown, Airbnb took several cost-cutting measures.

They make electric cars sexy and counter their traditional image of being unattractive and sluggish.

The church members were met by a crowd of counter-protesters, armed with kazoos to drown out the church’s hate.

List counters, who make up the first portion of a team, examine each mail-in envelope to ensure that the name and address written on it match with a list of voters from that precinct who applied for a ballot.

In recent months, Parler, like the social networks it’s intended to counter, has had its own run-ins with users.