Countering [verb]

Definition of Countering:

answer, respond in retaliation

Synonyms of Countering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Countering:

Sentence/Example of Countering:

Mobile news organization NowThis is announcing a bit of counter-programming for next week’s presidential election — it’s partnering with meditation app Calm to create a live stream for anyone who needs relief from the stress of Election Day news.

The explanation appears to counter some of the agency’s public comments, which described “aggressive enforcement” against homes that failed to practice proper infection-control protocols.

So, you know, for example, for dangerous organizations, we have many people with backgrounds in counter terrorism.

To counter the ill effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the Fed has taken extraordinary measures in support of economic stimulus packages—and alternative investments, like gold and Bitcoin, are soaring.

It was a tiny place with a four-stool counter and just a few tables.

Don’t be the person who accidentally leaves their ballot on their kitchen counter.

Management at Facebook and other firms often counter with a “free speech” argument when it comes to stopping clickbait.

The idea behind the group is that it will help better coordinate creating tools and best practices to counter deepfakes.

The circuit breaker tactic is a common sense way for the social network to fix its fake news problem, but it may also run counter to Facebook’s business interest.

Last month the city tested close to 2 million people to counter its third wave, which experts blamed on Hong Kong’s previous quarantine exemptions.