Countermanded [verb]

Definition of Countermanded:

annul, cancel a command

Synonyms of Countermanded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Countermanded:

Sentence/Example of Countermanded:

It was too late to countermand the motor, which put up several miles away.

I will countermand the order for an immediate attack; that will give me time to arrange.

Then he had to be told how it was, and he hurried back into the house to countermand the order for the physician.

Unless something is done about it shall countermand religious services.

She decided in the absence of both to indulge in a rest, and sent Peter to countermand the carriage.

However, if his Majesty will not countermand the order, we shall do our duty by writing and speaking to the people.

Now, who gave you liberty to countermand my orders; to send my servants back from the Work I had set for them to do?

It was fortunate for him that Elke was generally able to countermand such orders either herself or through her father.

I told Mr Grey it was just paying so much a-week for no good to anybody, and I begged he would countermand the paper.

With fearful insistence she besought him to countermand the order, and not to leave the palace.