Countermine [noun]

Definition of Countermine:

collusion in plan

Synonyms of Countermine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Countermine:

Sentence/Example of Countermine:

Finding plenty of miners among the Cornishmen of the 32d, he sunk a countermine for each mine burrowed by the enemy.

So Paul concealed his plans from Madame Astier, in entire ignorance that she was running a countermine in the same line as his.

He knew you, madam, and was resolved to countermine you in all your plots.

In that way the lonely hermit put his foot down and began a countermine, working as silently as possible.

You cannot countermine the fortifications of Flore and Maxence without getting a priest to sap them.

The countermine-tunnel was also commenced opposite to the place where they thought they had heard the enemy's miners.

Before sunrise the baron commenced a countermine at the point indicated by the deserter, inside the bailey wall.

He was hastening to Court, to countermine his underminers, from Bath, where he had been taking the waters.

Countermine:—As before, but moored 29-1/4' below the surface.

It is not an easy matter to decide just where the countermine should be sunk or how far to go.