Counterpane [noun]

Definition of Counterpane:

thick bedcovering made of patches

Synonyms of Counterpane:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counterpane:


Sentence/Example of Counterpane:

She tore unconsciously at the counterpane, her fingers writhing against one another.

She twisted the fringe of the counterpane in her slender, white fingers, and she did not look at him.

And the mark of the bloody hand on the counterpane, where it is dragged?

When Heidi got into bed that night she found her old straw hat lying under the counterpane.

She spoke very languidly, and suffered Dixon to lay it on the counterpane before her, without putting out a hand to take it.

As the door closed behind her, Saul let the hand fall heavily and inert upon the counterpane.

The counterpane is laid at the foot, cushions on the sides, tapestry on the floor and sides of the room.

Without speaking, he unbuttoned his tunic and threw his bundle of papers on the abb's counterpane.

But the high bed was there, stripped of its poppy counterpane and white curtains; and the steps by which she had entered it.

On the man's coat, spread for extra warmth over the thin counterpane, lay a broken comb and brush.