Counterparts [noun]

Definition of Counterparts:

match; identical part or thing

Synonyms of Counterparts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counterparts:

Sentence/Example of Counterparts:

Across the board, whether by retainer, project or the hour, women are charging and making less than their male counterparts, according to the survey data.

Mitchell did all he could to help the Jazz close out the series, scoring 74 points on 48 shots in Games 5 and 6, but it wasn’t enough — largely because his counterpart went absolutely nuclear.

He believed that mundane objects should receive as much attention in a physical gallery space alongside marble counterparts of ancient times.

Along with their counterparts at agencies, brands and ad tech companies, publisher executives are grappling with how to make their employee ranks more diverse and cultures more equitable.

Reached by phone, he suggested that since “we know there are differences in social distancing and perceived threat of the virus, it makes intuitive sense that conservatives are having more sex than their liberal counterparts.”

Williams has bucked the trends over the years, whether it’s in stubbornly sticking to his offensive game plan, refusing to call timeouts or succeeding with lower-ranked recruiting classes and more experienced players than his blue-blood counterparts.

Publicly-supported HBCUs like Maryland’s have fared better than their private counterparts in some fiscal affairs, while still encountering what some characterize as new forms of old problems.

I’ve spoken with my counterpart at the Federal Trade Commission who does have jurisdiction over them about the importance of transparency.

The Morris family has its counterparts in real life, and nearly all of the incidents of the story are founded on fact.

The motives to these ancient cults still frequently find their counterparts in the customs of the cultural peoples of the present.