Counterpoised [verb]

Definition of Counterpoised:

compensate, reconcile

Synonyms of Counterpoised:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counterpoised:

Sentence/Example of Counterpoised:

Any remaining undissolved can be filtered off on a counterpoised filter paper, and heated in a water oven until absolutely dry.

As the mercury rises in the pressure tube this iron wire is pushed up, being very delicately counterpoised over a wheel.

The float is attached to a delicate watch-chain, which passes over the wheel and is adequately counterpoised.

The specialists would grow to be intolerable, were they not counterpoised to some degree by the people of general intelligence.

The old horse pistol balanced just right, and the long light barrel was counterpoised by the heavy stock.

The counterpoised glass is raised like a window sash, exposing the notch.

The lots, therefore, counterpoised each other pretty fairly.

If it be, The man I speak of cannot in the world Be singly counterpoised.

After three hours the precipitate is collected on counterpoised filters and washed.

Two filter papers are taken and counterpoised—that is to say, they are made precisely the same weight.