Counters [verb]

Definition of Counters:

answer, respond in retaliation

Synonyms of Counters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counters:

Sentence/Example of Counters:

Mrs. Paula was one of those women that haunted the cheap shops and bargain-counters, and was always in debt.

The counters and sticks seemed to exercise great influence over the congregation, for it was only round them that they gathered.

Among the bones a few galley halfpence, and other coins, were found, as also a considerable number of abbey counters or jettons.

Besides the cowboys there were several Indians leaning against the counters or sitting lazily on boxes and barrels.

Shelves and counters were piled with a colorful miscellany of goods calculated to appeal to primitive tastes.

Noticing how cleanly our flat counters leave the water, Mollett thought—What is the use of having a sharp bow to divide the water?

In a variation of this game the players tried to guess the actual number of the counters held in the hand.

But, further, this reasoning by counters is only suitable to a very limited portion even of our deductive processes.

Ivan Afanasiitch suddenly raised his head, put out his hand and mixed up the counters.

Praskovia Ivanovna got out her reckoning beads, and began rattling the counters.