Countersink [noun]

Definition of Countersink:

tool for boring

Synonyms of Countersink:

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Sentence/Example of Countersink:

The round-headed screws are best, unless you want to countersink them.

Countersink for the heads on the back of the shield and so fasten the antlers in place.

Bore all holes, where shown in the drawing, and countersink them.

Countersink the holes on the side from which the screws enter.

Countersink all holes, except the four holes which hold the supports for the cart handle.

Countersink the hole in the base on the under side with a 1/2-in.

By using round-head screws it was unnecessary to countersink the metal.

Be sure to countersink the holes for the heads of the bolts.

The term is also applied to the tool with which the countersink is formed.

Bore and countersink four holes for 11⁄4-inch flat-head screws.