Counting [verb]

Definition of Counting:

add, check in order

Synonyms of Counting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counting:

Sentence/Example of Counting:

Then counting Noah and his wife, and his three sons and their wives, there were four pairs of human beings altogether.

"He's been counting the days till you got home, Mark," said Tim, holding a burning match over my pipe.

They were devised for counting the leukocytes in the same specimen with the red corpuscles.

The most widely used and most satisfactory instrument for counting the corpuscles is that of Thoma-Zeiss.

Jenner's stain, which gives a somewhat similar picture, is preferred by many for differential counting of leukocytes.

In this street are the warehouses and counting-houses of the merchants, both native and foreign.

In fact that first afternoon's work resulted in a kettle full, not counting a single leaf or stem.

While he was forced to be with us, he was weary of us, pining for his home, counting the hours to the prorogation.

Educate them for the Store and the Counting House—to do every-day practical business.

We do not go, without counting the cost, cost what it may; all that it may cost, it is worth to be free.