Countrified [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Countrified:

As the place was Islington, the month June, and the year 1718, we conceive the surroundings as being countrified and pleasant.

She felt somehow very ignorant and countrified and totally unfit for her high destiny as a member of Boston's select circles.

Our little place was very countrified, considering that it is so close to town.

I feel so timid here—so much afraid of doing something wrong—something countrified.

Besides, there was something engaging in his countrified simplicity and his beaming good-nature.

Somerset is reputed to be one of the loveliest counties in the west of England and one of the most countrified of all Britain.

Tall, angular, countrified, he personified the popular conception of a Connecticut yankee.

Did you ever see such a beau grabber in your life as that countrified Page Allison?

"Very countrified," was Marie's mental verdict, as she watched her unpacking her trunk.

To find him here, an associate and friend of the people she had called "countrified," was most astonishing.