Countrymen [noun]

Definition of Countrymen:

person from one's country

Synonyms of Countrymen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Countrymen:


Sentence/Example of Countrymen:

These misfortunes culminated in an appeal to his countrymen for subscriptions on his behalf in the musical papers.

I looked upon the latter as half countrymen of mine, and we were soon very good friends.

The claims of countrymen perishing for lack of knowledge, on those who know the truth, are strong.

But he reminded his countrymen that a choice between dangers was sometimes all that was left to the wisest of mankind.

As a general rule, those of each country generally took their meals separately with their own countrymen.

The Chinese consul paternally tells his countrymen what they are to do, and they do it with filial submission.

He joined the British army, and committed great cruelties upon his countrymen during the remainder of the war.

Paterson buried his wife in that soil which, as he had assured his too credulous countrymen, exhaled health and vigour.

Who are you, as you speak our language with such correctness that you might almost be taken for one of our countrymen?

With health made weaker by his sufferings, Silvio Pellico lived on to the age of sixty-five, much honoured by his countrymen.