Coupons [noun]

Definition of Coupons:

discount ticket

Synonyms of Coupons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coupons:


Sentence/Example of Coupons:

All you risk is a 2¢ stamp—so grab your pencil and shoot me the coupon right now.

Mail the Coupon before it's too late to protect yourself against the chances of fate picking you out as its next victim.

If you will mail the coupon below, this Anatomical and Physiological Chart will be mailed to you without one cent of expense.

One lot of bonds was received with every coupon attached, yet the interest on these had been paid regularly in New York.

This paper will cost you 10 cents a number, and with each number you get a coupon.

And the Act of 1859 directing you to issue new bonds does not contain this restriction, but directs you to issue coupon bonds.

So John started a new operation to get the bonds back and straighten out the coupon tangle.

Mr. Danielson neglected to have my signature on the coupon and I came up from Newport and couldn't get into my own house!

The relayer takes the coupon and buys a stamp with it in the neutral country where he is and mails the letter.

A second open envelope is placed over the first envelope with the coupon attached.