Couriers [noun]

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The company uses couriers to send and collect documents from other branches and archives across town.

The couriers know the best routes through the city, but the trips take some minimum amount of time determined by the distance between the branches and archives, the courier’s top speed, and how many other couriers are on the road.

His LinkedIn profile says he now lives in Philadelphia driving as a courier.

It set up “pods” of about 50 families and buildings across the city, matching them with couriers who could address their needs more directly, which helps form community bonds.

From February to July, the number of people working as “couriers and messengers” jumped from less than 850,000 to almost 920,000, an increase of over 8%.

While the last of the troops were defiling before the duke and his staff, a courier brought up despatches.

The man's nature was inquisitive, and he was indulging idle conjectures as to what might be the news this courier brought.

I do wish you had been able to get steady work with the Courier, spoke Jess, as she prepared to go out.

"At La Rochette, madame," the courier answered,' and his answer brought Marius to his feet with an oath.

And the Marquise, who now held the package she had received from the courier, bade the page depart also.