Courses [noun]

Definition of Courses:

progress, advance

Synonyms of Courses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Courses:

Sentence/Example of Courses:

There were but two courses open to the majority of the ex-soldiers—brigandage or service under their new masters.

In a city lot courses and distances play a larger part in fixing the boundaries, and are more carefully defined.

The stream was like most water-courses in Arizona, and flowed under the sand and next to the bed-rock.

Cotgrave has: 'Entremets, certain choice dishes served in between the courses at a feast.'

In the intervals which must occur between the courses, do not appear to be conscious of the lapse of time.

The stimulated blood courses through my veins with a pleasing tingle.

This is the type generally adopted in the campanili of Venice, where there are no string-courses.

On his left hand and behind him lay the rich belt of woodland that marked the courses of the rivers Cluden and Cairn.

But the resolve once made, those who took different courses often became widely separated.

These courses coupled with the original fundamental courses provided a rich curriculum for the public school children of Virginia.