Courted [verb]

Definition of Courted:

fawn over, pay attention to

Opposite/Antonyms of Courted:

Sentence/Example of Courted:

The Supreme Court continued its trend late Thursday night of allowing federal executions to go forward, with new Justice Amy Coney Barrett participating in her first capital punishment case on the court.

Snyder recently dismissed the case, and whatever records he obtained from Blair are likely to remain confidential unless he uses them in a public court action.

Schroder will probably be expected to run the offense when LeBron James is off the court, and his ability to break down defenders off the dribble should be valuable on a Lakers roster filled with spot-up complementary pieces.

The national organization has sought to shield the local councils from the bankruptcy process, but Boelter said 248 out of 253 local councils have provided asset and insurance information to the court as part of the proceedings.

Aside from a tantalizing combination of the forward’s size at 6-foot-9, 225 pounds, and versatile skill set, Sheppard and Brooks liked Avdija’s balance of calm and competitive fire on the court.

A gun show the organizers held at the same location in August drew 12,500 attendees, the group said in a court filing.

Richards’s attorney, Adam Wolf, said he has represented women who have made such allegations against about 15 other doctors, most of whom have settled with former patients out of court.

Attorneys for Hall and Bernard also asked the justices to halt the executions to give the court time to review fresh legal challenges to the lethal injection protocol that uses one drug, pentobarbital.

In 2006, he began dating McDaniel, according to court records.

He wishes the city had done something to help him during the period while his case was winding through the courts, such as hiring him to clean city buildings.