Courteously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Courteously:

In response, she received courteous acknowledgements of her messages but little else.

The Gov.-General courteously proposed to send a large bodyguard to his consulate, but it was not necessary.

The general met them, listened courteously to their words of submission, then with a wave of the hand refused the keys.

A policeman courteously notified us that the main street of the city would be closed three hours for a Sunday School parade.

If a stranger offers you the same services, decline it positively, but courteously, at the same time thanking him.

But he was past reason now, and he was not the man to brook haughtiness, however courteously it might be cloaked.

Musa had arisen also, and courteously thrust his right hand in his breast, where he murmured the farewell, "Peace be on you."

One guest asks permission to present his or her friend, the permission is courteously granted, and the thing is done.

The present secretary has courteously sent a photograph of this picture, also of the flags, as an historical contribution.

Arthur L. Reade, has courteously furnished details of this interesting inland club.