Courtesan [noun]

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But to be really loved by a courtesan: that is a victory of infinitely greater difficulty.

Couture was always welcome at the home of the courtesan, who dreamed, perhaps, of making him her husband.

First I hated you, when I dreamed you to be but a courtesan traitress.

Wilhelmine turned to her and, bending, kissed the old courtesan on the brow.

In fact, they are on a level with the common, paid courtesan,—the lowest rank there is.

It is not the old, old subject of the courtesan in love, but that of the mistress raised to the dignity of wife.

The courtesan freed his father, who was a slave, and he does not wish to hear anything said that might annoy Snnica.

He knew his austere old friend too well, and he could not picture him in the ridiculous rôle of husband of a cast-off courtesan.

The play, together with its sequel, Die Bchse von Pandora, constitutes the epic of the courtesan.

A certain Egyptian became enamoured of the courtesan Thonis, but she set too high a price upon her favours for him.