Courtliness [noun]

Definition of Courtliness:

cultivation, civilization

Opposite/Antonyms of Courtliness:

Sentence/Example of Courtliness:

Sir John turned suddenly, and with the courtliness that was ever his he indulged in a rare exhibition of feeling.

He rose from his chair and bowed to her with an Old-World courtliness.

Sir Walter Raleigh could not with more courtliness pilot his fair freight across the Avenue.

"If you will allow me the pleasure," said Nelson, with the touch of courtliness that showed through his homespun ways.

There is something akin in Meaux Cathedral to the high soul and courtliness of Bossuet.

He swept her a salutation that exaggerated courtliness, and there was a quality of apology in his voice as he spoke.

One of the prizes being a line-of-battle ship, Rodney had an opportunity to show appositely his courtliness of breeding.

He laughed again, and again sat down; but his manner, though of that playful courtliness, was quite drawn out to her.

The delicate pince-nez he wore emphasized slightly the elusive air of supercilious courtliness he always conveyed.

This in his best exhibit of old-fashioned courtliness—the "gentleman" through and through, ignorant of anything useful.