Courtly [adjective]

Definition of Courtly:

refined manner

Synonyms of Courtly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Courtly:

Sentence/Example of Courtly:

He was greatly admired for his fine physique and courtly bearing, and yet but few sought his acquaintance.

Reining in his horse, he dismounted, and making what he thought a most courtly bow, he bade her good evening.

He spoke her own tongue fluently, and never in Constantinople had she met a gentleman more at his ease in courtly company.

But, first, shall I not buy you a book—some exquisite book full of strange perfumes and passionate courtly gestures?

Until quite recently a courtly, aristocratic art had shed its light upon the whole of Europe.

Next tripping came a courtly fair, John cried, enchanted with her air, "What lovely wench is that there here?"

Rubens is now only a 'healthy, worthy, kind-hearted, courtly-phrased animal.'

It is lucky for mamma that, in his green state, he is courtly instead of bearish.'

Stirring adventures, courtly intrigue, and fencing both of sword and wit, fill the pages of this story.

So saying, the judge bowed in his most courtly manner to Mrs. Kimper and Jane, and departed.