Courts [noun]

Definition of Courts:

yard, garden of building

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Sentence/Example of Courts:

Had the court ruled for the Green Party, officials would have had to scrap millions of ballots already printed and ready to be mailed out.

At best, the lawyers say, the amount paid would offset potential fines in the federal court action.

Epic has renewed a request for a court order that would reinstate the app on the store.

As you know, we’ve been trying to get outbreak data from the county through the courts.

As other House committees have seen firsthand in recent months, resort to the courts would likely leave the subpoena in limbo for months.

This was the first time the court had been asked to interpret the wording of the EU’s 2015 net-neutrality law—the term “net neutrality” refers to the principle of equal treatment for all the traffic that passes over operators’ networks.

Attorney Gil Cabrera, a Measure C supporter, estimated it could take a year and a half for a San Diego lawsuit to get an appeals court ruling that could lead to Supreme Court consideration.

Until policy holders like Ralph Lauren start winning in court, insurers will refuse to honor the business interruption policies companies bought as part of their property coverage.

The case was eventually settled after a protracted court battle.

Soon after he won the licenses to develop oil and gas fields in Ukraine in June 2019, Naftogaz challenged the awarding of those licenses in court.