Courtship [noun]

Definition of Courtship:

dating, romance

Synonyms of Courtship:

Opposite/Antonyms of Courtship:

Sentence/Example of Courtship:

There is no dramme of manhood to suspect,On such thin ayrie circumstance as thisMeere complement and courtship.

I was riding by the ranch of Mr. Blank, who had wooed and won our cook after a courtship that was as brief as it was fervid.

Well, being safe again, he was a devoted lover again, and he must get on with his courtship.

There was nothing romantic in the courtship, but at the same time it was far from commonplace.

The girl "falls in love" with some one, and the courtship begins.

It rather tends to encourage clandestine courtship and amours.

Then, too, began signs of courtship between the lovely pair.

A courtship is harder still—so hard that we may say generally that it is impossible.

"Then, if it lies with me, I choose the stars and courtship," I said politely.

She had not known him long, for their marriage had followed upon a brief acquaintance and hurried courtship.