Courtyard [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Courtyard:

I’ve also met a porter in our apartment complex who every night at 7 for months sprinted around our central courtyard carrying aloft an American flag.

Less than a mile away, more than 200 people gathered to watch the game in an apartment building’s courtyard.

The presidential debate will take place in the Samson Pavilion, which features a massive steel roof and soaring 80-foot-high indoor courtyard.

We have previously, for example, written about why the city may have done lease-to-own deals for this building and a previous, eerily similar one, Civic Center Plaza, which is right across the courtyard from City Hall.

Through a tiny window, I saw people stripped naked in the courtyard.

The building, which has five storeys, stands on three sides of a square courtyard, and faces into Edmund Street.

They found the village inn to be a series of low, small buildings built on three sides of a courtyard.

Outside in the courtyard the fire was kept burning, beside which two watchmen sat all night smoking and telling stories.

A favorite of king and courtier, its use was alike common in the palace and the courtyard.

One side of the courtyard blazed in sunshine, the other lay cool and grey in shadow.