Cove [noun]

Definition of Cove:

inlet, small niche

Synonyms of Cove:

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Sentence/Example of Cove:

The mainland of the great northern cove and the eastern side of the Islands were thick with trees: oaks, buckeye, willows, madroo.

The hills that formed a cove of the great valley were bright with their houses and gardens, but very quiet.

That young cove right opposite to you is one of the best-known sneak-thieves in the city.

Going up the cove some distance, Henry Burns launched a rowboat and pulled rapidly across, landing some ways above the bluff.

What they saw was the yacht Eagle, not far from the bluff, under full mainsail, standing out of the cove.

Chambers will lie up in Seal Cove for an hour or two, I reckon, if he has got down that far.

Henry Burns went to the door of the tent and looked over the point of land, up the sweep of the cove.

There was the cove, sweeping in to the left, along the bluff opposite, which was high and rock-ribbed.

There was Billy Cook, from over across the cove, who was always barefoot, although a man of forty.

It sufficed, however, to waft them into a little cove making into one of these islands at about two hours before noon.