Covers [noun]

Definition of Covers:

wrapping, cover-up

Synonyms of Covers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Covers:

Sentence/Example of Covers:

Again the sallow fingers began to play with the book-covers, passing from one to another, but always slowly and gently.

The station now covers nearly 12 acres, the length of platforms exceeding 1-1/2 miles.

And of the world of to-day, be it remembered, elective democratic control covers only a part of the field.

Their property at Black Lake covers 102 acres, and is described as being a mile long by 520 feet wide.

It was a maxim of Napoleon that success covers everything, that it is only failure which cannot be forgiven.

On the table some kind of cold repast was laid, the viands concealed under china covers.

Let the folds be adorned with leaves and branches fastened to them, while a trailing wreath covers the gay-decked gates.

"Potted tongue," she exclaimed, dodging round the table, and lifting various covers.

The round trip covers a distance of about seventy-five miles and occupies eight or ten hours.

It is the variable lake of Czirknitz, which sometimes covers sixty-three square miles, and is sometimes dry.