Covetable [adjective]

Definition of Covetable:

attractive, seductive

Synonyms of Covetable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Covetable:

Sentence/Example of Covetable:

Audiences might have been shrinking, but sports were—and still are—one of the few kinds of entertainment that reliably draw the viewerships that advertisers covet.

You'll learn useful info every time, even if it's what new parts not to covet.

It is unseemly to covet the possessions of others, but I do cast a longing eye on Jabbour’s ultimate row cover, namely a greenhouse named a polytunnel, or high tunnel, which has a frame covered in greenhouse-grade polyethylene.

All three stars, despite being so gifted and coveted, have major points to prove.

They coveted Bogdan Bogdanovic because, while not a star, he was the kind of shot creator who could make Coach Mike Budenholzer’s system less predictable.

Competition was eager to secure this covetable literary memorial, which may one day become historical; it was knocked down at 25l.

They are scarcely so charming as the all needlework pictures, but still are delightful and covetable articles.

The better judgment in all affairs derives from this quality, which has some very covetable advantages for its possessor.

But as there is a peace more comfortable than any understanding, so also there is an understanding more covetable than any peace.

Such stones were, of course, “far sought, dear bought;” and rings believed to possess such covetable power had a high money value.