Coveting [verb]

Definition of Coveting:

desire strongly

Synonyms of Coveting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coveting:

Sentence/Example of Coveting:

Often they would pick up one of my possessions, and, whilst not exactly coveting it, they would ask for one like it.

I am free, and am happy in my freedom; the men who fawn round me, coveting my fortune, fill me with disgust.

Different nationalities looked upon Amelia Island with longing eyes for many years, coveting it for their possession.

His coveting of this woman was suddenly magnified by sight of her loveliness, flawless in the brilliant light.

The Helvetii, coveting the fertile land that lay beside theirs, decided to attempt its conquest.

Without censure or restraint, men are engrossed in coveting and accumulating to the utmost.

The Decalogue throws no protection around concubines, against the coveting of others.

The servant did not object, but he kept very close to the visitors, eyeing the lady as though coveting the bracelets she wore.

How often have I not read in the lines of her forehead that she was coveting for Fernand the honors and the wealth of Felipe!

There was no middle course between coveting a woman and neglecting her as entirely dispensable.