Covetous [adjective]

Definition of Covetous:

greedy; very desirous

Synonyms of Covetous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Covetous:

Sentence/Example of Covetous:

Your covetous wish that you and your daughter should reign at Hartledon is on the point of being gratified.

Portland, though strictly honest, was covetous; Albemarle was generous.

And Mme. Duvernoy began to turn it over, as it lay on the mantel-piece, looking at it with covetous eyes.

Orford was covetous and unprincipled; but he had great professional skill and knowledge, great industry, and a strong will.

For Demades was covetous and gredie of money, and indeed the lyons are more gentle when their bealyes are well filled.'

See, we almost draw swords, because I will not confess myself covetous of Richard's bride!

These thoughts and fears I had, and do hence apprehend the fears of all rich men that are covetous and have much money by them.

Disinterested in the extreme with regard to pecuniary affairs, he is insatiably covetous of fame.

The far-famed teapot, enveloped in a huge cosy, was for the time being hidden from admiring and covetous eyes.

Spoken when covetous people pretend poverty, and conceal their wealth to plead pity.