Cowardliness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cowardliness:

The Labor Department should not encourage this cowardly vision of entrepreneurship in America’s workplace laws.

I say that the cowardliness of this attack stands out even more conspicuous, to my eye, than its brutality or its inhumanity.

He felt the ground slipping from under him as he, too, realized the completeness and cowardliness of the plot.

Is not the disposition of the soul's irascible part different according to its courage or cowardliness?

Courage produces in those who do not possess it in the proper proportions, either violence or cowardliness.

And in order to clothe their spiritual cowardliness and laziness in a pious garb, they say: "The Bible is enough for us."

He felt the cowardliness of his nature rising, and he cursed himself inwardly.

To my mind, these questions only bespeak our weakness and our cowardliness.

All at once a wave of hot fury rushed over her—fury at the cowardliness of the assault—and the vertigo passed.

I do sincerely detest the cowardliness of the Oriental nature, which is probably the result of ages of oppression by superiors.