Cowards [noun]

Definition of Cowards:

person who is scared, easily intimidated

Synonyms of Cowards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cowards:

Sentence/Example of Cowards:

A coward by nature, he had been on the verge of a nervous breakdown before the trial, thinking of what might happen.

I have not in the world the name of a coward, and yet I am the greatest coward here.

A grand victory all right, if that coward of a sheriff hadn't got the Governor to send the militia to Homestead.

He was thought brave, for no man in the Ozarks dared to stand up against him in a fight, but at heart he was a coward.

I had forgotten for the moment that the cop was a coward; but Burke didn't waste a bit of time in bringing back my memory.

I did not, indeed, see the last deed actually done, else would I have cut down the coward who did it.

We cannot see why Captain Moore showed his heels instead of his fists, for he soon proved that he was no coward.

Yes, to tell you that if you were not a coward, you would come to Grand Sire's Rock to-day with your gun loaded like mine.

"And there's that infernal coward of a ranchero," cried Coronado, as the runaway sentry sneaked back to the group.

Thinking him to be alone, the Indians ran to get his scalp, and Coward at a distance of a hundred yards shot him dead.