Cowboys [noun]

Definition of Cowboys:

mounted cattle hand

Synonyms of Cowboys:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cowboys:


Sentence/Example of Cowboys:

"Yes, if we don't run away with some of those handsome cowboys," put in Amy, with a chuckle.

The girls sauntered along, 16 regarding the stores and one of two lounging cowboys with interest.

The girls nodded and crowded forward eagerly while Andy called to some of the cowboys who had been lingering enviously near.

The two voices trailed away as Tom and his father moved toward the cowboys bunkhouse.

At the corral fence they separated, Gale going on to the ranch house and Jim into the cowboys bunkhouse.

Besides the cowboys there were several Indians leaning against the counters or sitting lazily on boxes and barrels.

Five Wetherbys and six Boyntons had arrived together with a dozen cowboys on horseback.

I seed Bart Coinjock, one of our own cowboys, 'tending our animals, and he told me to take my ch'ice from the lot.

But Jack and Fred were tired, and, though interested in the reminiscences of the cowboys, they longed for rest.

The show was a fairly good one, and the boys thoroughly enjoyed the trick riding by cowboys, and the fancy rifle shooting.