Cowering [verb]

Definition of Cowering:

hide, hover in fear

Synonyms of Cowering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cowering:

Come out



Sentence/Example of Cowering:

In response, the US built rockets and American children learned to cower under their school desks in atomic bomb drills.

The scenes of congressional representatives cowering on the House floor Wednesday are likely to revive calls for new domestic terrorism legislation.

Stewart cowered in the kitchen area and called police to tell them Mouser was hurting her mother, she said, but Blake took the phone from her and told them that nothing was wrong.

The heir apparent and his brothers were cowering in fear, afraid to strike, yet hoping that others would strike for them.

Savage troopers urged their horses into the water and slashed cowering women with their sabers.

They entered a house where an apparently sick man sat cowering in a corner, wrapped in a blanket.

The inhabitants were cowering upon the floor, playing with the children, or assisting one another to get rid of their vermin.

Cowering amid some shrubs of dense foliage, he watched Malcolm dashing along the road to the Lahore Gate of the palace.

After cowering under a wet mantle in despair for a time, another effort was made.

"Then I'd be afraid to bring them together," she admitted whispering again, and cowering into his arms.