Cowl [noun]

Definition of Cowl:

covering worn over the head

Synonyms of Cowl:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cowl:


Sentence/Example of Cowl:

There was some sort of a phonograph device under the cowl of that get-away car, and this was hooked up to the radio switch.

His cowl was thrown back, revealing his pale, ascetic countenance and shaven head.

A sharp eye was kept on all arrivals from abroad, and a friar, fresh from Portugal, was hanged in his cowl at Limerick.

His cowl had half-fallen back, and made a strange excrescence on either side of his bull-neck.

Yes—here he was slain—but it was because he refused to take the cowl, and finish his days in a monastery.

There emerged from behind the altar a tall figure in a priest's black cowl, carrying a lantern.

Their extreme licentiousness was sometimes hardly concealed by the cowl of sanctity.

When it returned, I stood in the garret of my own house, in the little wooden chamber of the cowl and the mirror.

So he pulled up his cowl, the ballad went on to stateand Louise went on to actand trotted off to tell the news to Robber Brown.

When the helmet tired him he would take it off and put on the knitted cowl, and its long cape fell around his shoulders.