Cowled [adjective]

Definition of Cowled:

having a hood

Synonyms of Cowled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cowled:


Sentence/Example of Cowled:

A large chimney, cowled to face the prevailing wind, served for ventilation, and on the hottest days one was cool and comfortable.

The spirit of monachism is as distinguishable as if the cowled ghosts of the victims were actually seen flitting along the aisles.

Still, I will be on my guard, and will take care that no cowled monk approaches too closely to the king.

The grim towers rise boldly without ornament or decoration of any kind, and are cowled by a peculiarly strange roofing.

Cowled architects of the XIX century rebuilt their monastery.

Cowled figures called pleureurs are set in niches around each sarcophagus.

From the brain of some unknown cowled genius sprang this mle and splendid conception, built in the very prime of Gothic.

Summer was come; Asdis sat out of doors by the spring combing flax, with Thurid cowled by her side.

To my great disappointment, I found in it no cowled monks with scapulars, and no veiled nuns with rosaries.

I should imagine it would be a haunted house, swarming with cowled spectres.