Cowlick [noun]

Definition of Cowlick:

clump of strands of something

Synonyms of Cowlick:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cowlick:

Sentence/Example of Cowlick:

He chuckled immoderately and pressed his cowlick down, which defiant tuft popped instantly back to its position of attention.

This hair was his pride and sorrow: it defied him in a brilliant cowlick until plastered flat with water.

From the top of his forehead to the cowlick on the back of his head ran a broad white scar.

Trousers may be brought to order in a few minutes, but to subdue a cowlick is a matter of years.

Overtop thought pleasantly of her, and combed back his intractable cowlick.

I never yet saw a fellow with a cowlick who amounted to a hill of beans.

Once I saw Dan's cowlick shake like the plume of an angry warrior as his wife turned toward him inquiringly.

I've been fighting this cowlick ever since I've been a kid—stocking caps, gunk, the works.

So he put down the spuds and begun to curry that cowlick of hisn.

Even his grizzled hair slanted forward in a stiff cowlick over his forehead, and his face bristled sharply with his gray beard.