Coworker [noun]

Definition of Coworker:

one of a pair; partner

Synonyms of Coworker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coworker:

Sentence/Example of Coworker:

I would want to know if there’s a way to really ask a coworker who they voted for.

He’s a good guy and I know that my coworker would like him if she met him.

Apart from the benefits of connecting with friends, family, and coworkers, turning to tech can help us manage difficult emotions and even reduce stress.

I can’t speak for them, but I have to imagine that for my coworkers who were undocumented or formerly incarcerated, this cycle was even worse.

Through group chats, social media, oversharing coworkers and so many other ways, memes brought many together, pushed many apart and brought levity to extended crisis after extended crisis.

Relationships with coworkers have proven to be one of the chief retention tools for workers.

It was important to show the company that she and her coworkers know they deserve to be treated fairly, she says, adding, “I knew what I did was the right thing.”

Lenovo’s glasses, unveiled during the annual CES electronics show, held online this year, feature speakers and a microphone so that users can talk with coworkers or ask for information from a digital assistant.

In those moments where you feel like you might lose your cool at a coworker or family member, venting out a little bit of “steam” can allow you to get on with your day without causing a scene.

Gross-out humor turned to tragedy in the case of prominent CNN and New Yorker legal critic Jeffrey Toobin, who allegedly exposed his genitalia to coworkers as he fumbled between a work Zoom and a pornographic interlude.