Crabby [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Crabby:

There comes a time when a woman has to make up her mind to choose between being called a 'dear old soul' or a 'crabby old thing.'

Persius is crabby, because ancient, and his jerks (being particularly given to private customs of his time) dusky.

I entertained myself with keeping her to the subject, and that made her crabby.

Time was getting short, and it was no use wasting time on my crabby landlady.

Accordingly the Hermit exerted himself to please, and it would really have taken more than three crabby boys to resist him.

Let us go downstairs after old Crabby is to bed and play some trick on him.

I woke disoriented and crabby, without my customary morning jolt of endorphin.

She's an old spinster—frail, white-haired, and a little bit crabby now.

Master Edgar went out sidewise in a very crabby way, and found Sir James waiting.

You know, you crabby dear, you wouldn't neglect an old dog or an old pony after it had served you.