Crackle [verb]

Definition of Crackle:

make breaking sound

Synonyms of Crackle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crackle:


Sentence/Example of Crackle:

The shocking sequence of events leading to the explosion began before daybreak Friday morning, when residents were startled awake by the crackle of gunfire and called 911.

Burn the male olive-branch and the pine twig and juniper, and let the blazing laurel crackle amid the hearth.

But the sentence never was finished, for a sharp crackle of dry leaves was heard.

He had unfolded the newspaper slowly and carefully, the sharp crackle of the paper would have been a clarion call to Agnes.

Already below sprang a crackle, a roar, as the night wind caught the flame.

He could hear them crackle as she unfolded them—could hear her sigh of content.

There was an immediate crackle and burst of static electricity, and the stumbler fell back yelping and shaking his arms.

At home the old man had lighted his fire and was listening to its cheerful crackle when his visitors came, laughing.

With sputter and crackle a blaze started, showing Wilson standing tragically, his arms out, facing the black shadows.

The snap and crackle and hiss and roar of the burning heap shut out every trace of the hum of a propeller.