Crackpot [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Crackpot:

The society, founded in 1958, was fiercely anti-communist — and fond of crackpot theories.

Projective telepathy had only been a crackpot's idea back then.

Other machines began to integrate crackpot reports of things sighted in divers places.

Calmly they accepted their rise in the world as being due to one of their local townspeople, a crackpot professor.

She more or less considered him a crackpot, as far as I remember, you see.

Crackpot minorities object loudly at being portrayed in films they don't like.

The Navy would not stretch regulations for a crackpot civilian.

Maybe the guy was a crackpot or phony, but it wouldn't hurt to hear his story.

The letter was dismissed as "crackpot," and no precautions were taken.

Merely to tell the story would brand me irredeemably as a crackpot, but crackpots are tolerated, even on college faculties.