Craft [noun]

Definition of Craft:

expertise, skill

Synonyms of Craft:

Opposite/Antonyms of Craft:

Sentence/Example of Craft:

These beans crafts for cold brew come either whole or grounded and in sizes ranging from one pound to five pounds.

However, it will be challenging for publishers and developers to craft the right messaging and pack it into the dialog shown above.

The dining menu was purposefully crafted to not compete with street food vendors.

It's a big thing because our whole concept is this precision-crafted performance.

It’s challenging enough to craft a call-to-action that convinces your site visitors to buy your product or services without adding any additional hurdles.

The company also alleged that the bidding process was fatally tainted by conflicts of interest, including former Pentagon employees who went on to work for Amazon after helping to craft the bid.

Clintonville is also home to laid-back cafes, gastropubs, and craft stores.

So far, the indexing tool has proven popular with OpenInvest’s clients, with 57% of its financial advisor clients selecting the cause to craft client portfolios.

It is home to the Denver Botanic Gardens, relaxed coffeehouses, and craft-cocktail bars.

An annual street festival that features live music, food, booths, local artists, crafts, and more.