Crafted [verb]

Definition of Crafted:

think out; prepare in advance

Opposite/Antonyms of Crafted:

Sentence/Example of Crafted:

Mark Stone, the committee chair, said lawmakers had a responsibility to move it along, let POST craft the necessary regulations and then serve as an oversight body.

Key to the craft distilling industry’s survival is the passage of the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act.

Sandholm had to contend with this before, when he helped craft the world’s first kidney exchange.

Older systems rely on hand-crafted rules, such as that transactions over a certain amount should raise an alert.

Research and Exploration’s primary stated purpose is to build ultra-cheap craft to be used for humanitarian missions.

San Diego’s consultant recommends similar audits every four years and crafting a collaborative policy to target climate goals.

A data-driven approach to crafting marketing strategies can help you make smarter budgeting decisions.

To get some emails, you need a well-crafted PPC campaign that leads people to the landing page where they can sign up to receive the content.

They crafted a microfluidic channel that shuttles both dopamine and its byproduct away from the artificial neurons after they’ve done their job for recycling.

The attention now shifts to Montgomery’s attempt to craft a future budget cut – and if the politics in the city will have changed enough that a Democratic super majority on the Council can muster the votes to pass it.