Craftily [adverb]

Definition of Craftily:


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Sentence/Example of Craftily:

Peroo, well known to the crew, had possessed himself of the wheel, and was taking the launch craftily up-stream.

Jess has told me with a beaming face how craftily he behaved.

"Still, she doesn't seem much older than you," said Dink craftily.

Dink had thought of that; he had thought of something else, too, which he craftily hid in his own memory.

She knew how I was exulting in having her there, so would not say a word to damp me, but I craftily drew it out of her.

A great satisfactory two pound crab bound up in kelp ribbon so craftily that it could neither bite nor escape.

The Bond scientists in Holland had fully persevered in their craftily laid programme.

"Nay, a small affair of consultation which it shall be richly worth your while to advise upon," answered the other, craftily.

Here was deadly insult on deadlier injury—and the Sahib to whom he had so craftily given that war-making letter heard it all.

"Perhaps you'd like to give Miss Edith something on your own account," suggested Dilys craftily to the millionairess.