Craftiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Craftiness:

It was not Mother Carron who spoke: our crafty hostess was far too burdened just then under the collapse of all her craftiness.

This is taking the wise in their own craftiness, I reckon: and richly you deserve to lose all your ill-got hoard.

It is without shame that I confess myself unequal to a Jesuit in craftiness.'

"All right," he sighed, and went out obediently, but paused to stare at her with a curious craftiness.

All that you invest wisely in men is stored up against any violence or craftiness of thieves and any corroding of rust.

Its old simplicity of expression got masked by a certain craftiness that assimilated even his good-humour to itself.

Paul advised “walking in wisdom;” he abhorred “walking in craftiness.”

Old Broderson startled Annixter, who sat next to him, out of all measure by suddenly winking at him with infinite craftiness.

In this expedition, courage takes the second place; skill and craftiness alone can ensure our success.

But thou, in the first place, vile beast, shall bear the punishment of thy craftiness and malice.