Crafting [verb]

Definition of Crafting:

think out; prepare in advance

Opposite/Antonyms of Crafting:

Sentence/Example of Crafting:

It’s more like an improv actor who is totally dedicated to their craft, never breaks character, and has never left home but only read about the world in books.

Approximately 40% of craft distillers reported that their on-site sales were down 25% or more, and more than 15% said that their tasting rooms were completely shut down.

The company hired elite public relations firms, crafted new human rights policies, and developed new self-­governance documents.

As young hitters first learn their craft, they face LHPs far less often than RHPs.

Marketers face the tough challenge of data-driven decision-making to craft the most profitable and effective marketing plan possible.

MTS Police Chief Manny Guaderrama said the agency decided when it crafted its policy years ago that 60 days was ample time because public complaints and court challenges usually come up within that period.