Crafts [noun]

Definition of Crafts:

expertise, skill

Synonyms of Crafts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crafts:

Sentence/Example of Crafts:

It was said new factories were being opened to turn out two new air-crafts each month.

At Shrewsbury there appears never to have been an elaborate miracle play presented by the crafts.

The Queen required every family of Hollanders to take an English apprentice in their imported arts and crafts.

He and his family were absent for some days; but a lady in the house invited Mr. Crafts to come in and stay till they returned.

Their development of the arts and crafts has never been equalled in the modern time.

These seem to have been used, at least, to operate doors of undersea crafts.

Schooner captains keep religiously away from their vessels as long as the crafts lie at the coal-docks.

At Banawe we saw more examples of native arts and crafts than we had heretofore.

It is said p. 178that, on the spot where this church stands, the Druids celebrated their crafts and mysteries.

In England the movement conveniently described as the “arts and crafts movement” affected the design of jewelry.