Craftsman [noun]

Definition of Craftsman:

skilled person

Synonyms of Craftsman:

Opposite/Antonyms of Craftsman:

Sentence/Example of Craftsman:

At this, Busta Rhymes is a master craftsman and a true one-of-one.

A fine piece of woodwork is often spoiled by the amateur craftsman when starting a cut with a saw.

"You're supposed to be our combination inventor-craftsman," he said to George.

The reporter did something else which marked him as a craftsman.

Perhaps the Homeric chief may have sometimes been a craftsman like the heroes of the Sagas, great sword-smiths.

A more cunning craftsman than myself has told us that the less we track human life the more cheerily we shall speak of it.

He had made assegais for the fighting men of Dingana and Mpande and Cetywayo, and as a skilled craftsman his repute was great.

It is usually a sufficient proof that the book in which it occurs is the work of a particular craftsman.

First, the toilworn Craftsman that with earth-made Implement laboriously conquers the Earth, and makes her man's.

The work in this instance is crude, and apparently done by an inexpert craftsman.